Company history 

The J-class company is one of the most experienced producers and distributors of timber built items of garden architecture in Poland. For 25 years, our products have been appreciated by customers in countries such as Poland, England, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, USA, Canada, Japan and Korea. During this time we have become a leader in the design of finished goods and in the bonding, processing and treatment of timber. Thanks to our years of experience, we can offer products tried and tested by thousands of customers in various countries and climates.

The J-class company was registered in Warsaw in January 1991. During the first 10 years of operations, we created a production company with Polish timber merchants, while building up business relations with large retail chains in Germany, the Netherlands and France. In the late 90s we started creating a network of sales representatives in England, France, USA and Italy, and sales to independent garden centres under our own brand name. Gradually, we concentrated production in the plant in Susz and specialized in the production of bent and bonded timber arches, i.e. the important and strategic components for the production of original items of garden architecture.

In the year 2000, we established an independent logistics centre separated from the production plant, and this was then relocated to Lipinka near Malbork, and in time this became the centre for fulfilment of shipments and specialized production. In recent years important products to be made in Lipinka have become the frames for canvas hammocks and hammock swing chairs, produced from wooden arches bent and bonded by our factory in Susz.
At the beginning of 2000 we set up a distribution company in the UK, which initially sold garden pavilions and luxury garden products made according to British designs under the newly created brand name J-Class, which today operates under the name J-class Ltd and focuses on retail sales.
Since 1992, we have regularly exhibited our products at specialist trade fairs, and have had the pleasure of presenting our products in Europe, North America, Asia and North Africa. We participate in not only gardening trade fairs, but also those organised for the construction, architecture and furniture industries, and we conduct multifaceted marketing, using the latest technologies.

In 2006 we started building a new retail sales channel by opening online stores. This channel’s share of sales, as well as the number of stores, is still growing.

During its first 25 years of operations, J-class passed through crises and business cycles relatively unscathed. Today, we are developing a strategy for the next 25 years, realizing that we must not only adapt to the changing tastes and needs of our customers, but also to unexpected changes in the market.