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Wooden Carports - Timber Garden Buildings

Wooden Carports

Perhaps you are looking for a way to protect your car against the weather, but for some reason don’t want to build a garage? The optimal solution seems to be a carport, which is cheaper, but almost as functional an alternative as a detached garage.
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In contrast to a garage the erection of a carport does not require a major transformation of the space in your garden. Nor does it involve any official paperwork, which is generally required for the construction of a brick built garage.

A carport protects the car from snow, hail, rain and sun, effectively protecting the car’s bodywork from rust and other damage. If you keep your car under a carport, you don’t have to shovel snow, so even on a very snowy day you can get in and immediately hit the road.

A carport can also be used to store other items and household equipment such as bicycles, motorcycles or tools. We offer carports in a variety of shapes and sizes - both small carports intended for one vehicle, and sweeping canopies that can accommodate up to 3 cars at a time. Carports can be lean-to type structures built against a wall of the house or else free-standing structures.

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Conwy Single Carport

As low as: £1,899.00

A Berlin carport is the ideal solution for the owner of a stylish garden. If you are considering the construction of a brick or concrete garage or are thinking of adapting a basement in which to Learn More

Tunbridge single carport

As low as: £2,999.00

Most of us would like to protect our cars, but not all of us have the place for a large carport or classic, concrete garage. The single berth Tunbridge shelter is the ideal solution. Learn More
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