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Wooden Summerhouses - Timber Garden Buildings

Wooden Summerhouses

Garden cabins are timber built structures fitted with glazed doors and windows, through which a lot of sunlight reaches the interior during the day. The quiet interior of such a little house, sheltered from adverse weather conditions, can be used in many different ways.
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Those who cannot imagine having to give up spending time in the garden even on cooler or rainy days will find this a cosy place, where they can read or get together with friends.

If, unlike other members of the household, we like to listen to loud music, we can arrange this garden cabin as an audiophile’s hideaway. If we enjoy painting, we can organize a studio here, the great attribute being good natural lighting. The family will breathe a sigh of relief, because they will no longer be affected by the smell of paints and primers.

This garden cabin can also be successfully used to put up children with their friends or else guests that can not be fit in the house.

Today so-called teleworking is becoming more and more popular, namely the performance of duties outside one’s place of employment. Many people try to do this at home, but it’s not easy. Various factors may distract us, and other members of the household may interfere in various ways. Often a way out of these difficult situations may be to organise one’s office in a cabin in the garden. We will still not have far to go to work, but it will make it easier for both ourselves and our loved ones to understand that we are at certain times unavailable.

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Victorian Summerhouse

As low as: £3,200.00

The Victorian enclosed garden pavilion makes a cosy refuge. Such a garden pavilion – with its upper half glazed and the lower section completely enclosed, covered with a bituminous shingle roof Learn More

Harrogate Summerhouse

As low as: £3,999.00

Are you looking for a timber built summer cottage that will appeal to you and also impress your guests and, very importantly, will not rot after a few downpours? Or maybe you need a cosy place Learn More

Georgian Summerhouse

As low as: £3,999.00

The Georgian garden summerhouse with its bitumen shingle roof is a product that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, who value utility, durability and quality. It is a Learn More

Georgian Summerhouse Pavilion

As low as: £4,299.00

The Georgian garden pavilion is one of the largest enclosed pavilions we offer. Its modern, elegant design makes it highly functional and at the same time its stylish design pleases the eye. Its Learn More

Harrogate Summerhouse Pavilion

As low as: £4,399.00

The Harrogate garden cabin is a large, enclosed, timber built pavilion that will be the pride of your garden. You will be able to calmly relax in it or spend fun time with family and friends. Learn More
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5 Item(s)