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Wooden Greenhouses - Timber Garden Buildings

Wooden Greenhouses

Description of the greenhouse category Many people who enjoy working in the garden dream of owning a greenhouse, where they can start preparing early spring seedlings, as well as grow those more sensitive plants, regardless of the weather. A greenhouse moreover protects not only plants, but also the gardener from the weather. Carrying out gardening tasks under the cover of a roof and at a height that does not require bending, is much more convenient than working on one’s knees.
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You can of course build a greenhouse in the garden using metal frames with glass, or put up a tunnel made of plastic sheeting. One must admit, however, that both these types of buildings are not very aesthetic, and their erection is laborious. Besides, a tunnel of plastic sheeting is not very durable. A much better solution is to erect a timber built greenhouse.

A timber built greenhouse is obviously properly glazed, so that the plants inside have the right conditions for germination and growth. A greenhouse’s walls and roof are glazed. The panes are embedded in timber built elements of the highest quality. This design is very aesthetic. Our catalogue contains greenhouses of various shapes and sizes, and even a cabinet type greenhouse that in principle will fit on any surface. One can also choose a greenhouse made of spruce or else the much more durable and decorative cedar.

This garden cabin can also be successfully used to put up children with their friends or else guests that can not be fit in the house.

Whoever adds a greenhouse to their garden quickly discovers that it can be used all year round. From early spring you can sow seeds that will thus germinate earlier than in the ground. When it is warm, one can prepare seedlings or grow vegetables. The greenhouse can be particularly useful for owners of small urban gardens. One can fit a lot of vegetables in the small space of this greenhouse, and thus heated by the sun, they will grow much faster than in the ground. They will also be partially protected against dust floating in the air. In the autumn and winter season, the greenhouse can be used as a storage place for gardening utensils that are not used during this period. (In the milder English climate, many cold-sensitive plants can spend the winter in a greenhouse) These two last sentences to be added depending on the language version and the climate!!

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Victorian Greenhouse

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A proper garden greenhouse, where you can grow vegetables, fruits and herbs, is the dream of many amateur gardeners. But they would also want it to be aesthetic, quite different from just an Learn More
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